Mas (Farmhouse)


39 Downing Street, New York

Phone: 212-255-1790

My first impression of Mas (Farmhouse) was that it is a "pretty little restaurant" located in Greenwich Village, and more than often, “pretty little restaurant” tend to overpromise but under deliver when it comes to service and food. But I was wrong. Mas (Farmhouse) was anything but.

Starting with the Chef – Galen Zamarra, who has an impressive culinary resume from the CIA to L’Arpege to Bouley to James Beard Award; this is obviously a very talented chef who has been trained at some of the best restaurants in the world. Now he has opened a lovely restaurant (actually the restaurant was opened in 2004) where commoners like us can afford to sample his cooking without breaking the bank.

Chef Galen crafted his menu daily around the freshest ingredients he can get from the local farmers and then skillfully creating wonderful dishes using French techniques with a touch of American flavors. It is not easy to maintain a harmonious balance between sophistication and simplicity when it comes to cooking, but Chef Galen is great in doing just that.

As it was a group dinner, my friends and I were able to sample quite a huge variety of dishes from the menu. Everyone was totally in love with the appetizers, entrees and wine we ordered, and I especially love the Long Island Duck Breast, Wild Pacific Halibut and Roasted Sea Scallop. The Butternut Squash Cake with Cream Cheese Sorbet and Goat Cheese Tart were exceptional. They were refreshing and “cheesy” at the same time, reminded me of the famous Goat Cheese parfait I had at Aquavit some time ago.

With its ever changing menu of delicious food, fine wine and excellent service, Mas (Farmhouse) has earned a place in my heart as one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Must-go back-again!

Complimentary starter

Yellowfin Tuna l'Occidental
Flashed with Beurre Noisette and Crispy Shallots

Steak Tartare with Capers, Shallots, Basil and Toasted Brioche
Gently Poached Egg with Parmesan Foam

Long Island Duck Breast with Sauteed Brussels Sprouts and Duck Confit
Organic Farro, Medjool Date and Lemon Compote

Roasted Bison Tenderloin
Roasted Buttercup Pumpkin, Glazed Salsify and Baby Beets

Roasted Sea Scallops with Wild Nettle Risotto
White Asparagus and Jerusalem Artichoke Sauce

Wild Pacific Halibut with an English Pea and Mint Sauce
Fava Beans, Haricots Verts and Hon Shimeji Mushrooms

Goat Cheese Tart with Meyer Lemon Sorbet
Dates and Prunes Poached in Port

Butternut Squash Cake with Cream Cheese "Sorbet"
Maple Cream and Lingonberry Compote

Cortland Apple Crisp with Toasted Almonds & Oats
Vanilla Ice Cream & Golden Raisin Puree

Valrhona Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Sablee
With a bittersweet Chocolate Ganache & Earl Grey Ice Cream

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