Bar Room at The Modern


The Museum of Modern Art, 9 West 53rd Street, New York

Phone: 212-333-1220

The interior of The Bar Room at the Modern restaurant, with its well-lit dining room and small tables and chairs, looked very much like an upscale modern cafeteria. It has a more casual atmosphere to enjoy good Chef Gabriel Kreuther's dishes without all the formal dining fuss.

Gan, Eu Wen and myself went to check out the restaurant during restaurant week, and as usual, when the yaokuis meet up, there bound to be some serious eating. The menu looked very interesting and we wanted to try more dishes, so we ordered four sets of restaurant week menu for the three of us. It was definitely worth it. Among the dishes we ordered, I really liked the diver scallops, flambee tarte, pork belly and the caramel coffee dome dessert. I wouldn't recommend the duck confit and the liverswurst, since I have had better ones.

Overall, I thought the food was not bad, and Gan definitely liked it a lot more. Maybe next time I'll go crazy and splurge on the Modern Dining Room instead and try their more refine menu, and see how good the food really is.

Modern Liverwurst with four pickled vegetables

Tarte Flambée Alsatian thin crust tart with crème fraîche, onion and applewood smoked bacon

Arctic Char Tartare with basil and trout caviar

Beer Braised Pork Belly with suarkraut and ginger jus

Seared Diver Scallops with Asian pear, citrus, and spiced lobster consommé

Crispy Atlantic Cod with celery and granny smith apple salad, sauce gribiche, and American caviar

Duck Confit with shishito pepper hash, passion fruit and natural jus

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with strawberry soup and arlette tuile

Caramel Coffee Dome with vanilla ice cream and amaretto gelée

Fresh Stone Fruit Crumble with pistachio ice cream - definitely not our favorite dessert, way too sour

Modern Cheesecake with almond crumble, cherry and fromage blanc sorbets

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sba loans said...

Can you add some more photos?

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Eu Wen said...

thought the food was pretty good... the liver wurst didnt live up to expectations though

Eu Wen said...

thought the food was pretty good... the liver wurst didnt live up to expectations though

Zen said...

aiiyaaa eu wen ...lets double date lar ... you me gan and sarah

hahahaha i feel left out on all that good food !!

Sarah & Gan said...

kim, we can go riki's for their awesome crab fried rice.. i kid you not.. its awesomeness is beyond awesome

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