Pan Seared Arctic Char


I have been watching too many Iron Chef, Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen cooking shows that I sometimes get inspired to just cooked something that "looks" like what they cook on tv. This Arctic Char on seafood soup dish was one on those. To create the seafood soup, I bought the ready made seafood + veggies stock from Whole Foods Market, bring it to boil on a stock pan and added sesame oil, sugar, salt, and balsamic vinegar seasoning. To prepare the yellow string beans, I created another pot of seafood soup stock with the same seasoning (with an additional teaspoon of ABC sweet soy sauce) and cooked the yellow string beans in the soup stock. For the Arctic Char, I sliced the fillets into four parts and lightly seasoned the fillets with salt and pepper on both sides and pan seared the fish until golden brown. When it's done, I placed the fish on top of the bowl with the soup and yellow string beans. As a finishing touch, I drizzled some organic balsamic vinegar concentrate on the fish just before serving.


Florence said...

Wow, this looks great! Gan, you are such a lucky guy!

Sarah & Gan said...

Thanks Lian! :) I think Arctic Char is in season now, or maybe it's cheap. it's cooking at most restaurants. got this at wholefoods. very fresh.

~PO~ said...

HOLY! I was going to see which restaurant made the arctic char (you know being deprived and all from seafood and wanting to keep myself updated with NYC eats) and was pleasantly surprised it came from your kitchen!

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