L'epi Dupin


Address: 11 rue Dupin, Paris, France

Phone: 01-42-22-64

This place is officially our favorite French restaurant. We were supposed to eat at Le Train Bleu (don't ask me what happened), but we ended up here instead. We were sOOOOO LUCKY to get a table since it's jammed packed in there. The food was reasonably priced and very unique. My favorite dish was the Scallops with Leeks and Gan said he had the BEST duck ever! So glad we came here. Gan: One of my favorite restaurant. Everything was just perfect.

Endive Tartine at L'epi Dupin

Shrimp with Fennel

Best Duck EVER!!

Gan: Amazing! Love it.

Scallops with Leeks

Not your typical Creme Brulee, this is Creme Brulee L'epi Dupin style - DELICIOUS!!!!

Chocolate Souffle


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