Tokyo, 2005/2006


This is one of the hardest blogs to write about since there are so many good restaurants in Tokyo and so many varieties of food in the city. We were very fortunate to have visited the city a couple of times for the past few years and were introduced to some really good food by our Malaysian friend Eric, who works and lives in Tokyo. From the freshest sushi at a sushi bar near the Tsukiji market to the best Tonkotsu ramen at Jangaara Ramen near Akasaka, Tokyo never fails to deliver the best food. Just like in New York, you can find all sorts of international cuisines in Tokyo. Gan: <--- Is he an otaku? Help decide: When Gan was in college, he had regularly attended University of Michigan's Animania (Japanese animation or "anime" club) weekly screening. During the once a year anime screening marathon, he will wake up before the sun is out and show up for the _all day_ anime marathon screening! He's still embarrassed about that.

Eric's Home Cooking

Eric shares the same passion for food as us. He's also a very talented cook. The dishes you see in the picture were all prepared by him. Gan was very fortunate to have tasted Eric's cooking several times, but I always missed out on that. *Hint to Eric! :) Gan: Eric likes to question his manhood but when it comes to producing top notch food, he's the Malaysian Iron Chef!

Eric's masterpiece -- Malaysian Curry Chicken Gan: Curry chicken in pressure cooker = meat falls off the bone and intense flavor!

Eric, Da Man!

Food Fair @ Azabu Juban

We were so lucky to stumble upon this Food Fair near Azabu Juban!! Everything looked so tasty! The takoyaki stand was the most popular, but the line was too long, so we decided to move on.

Awesome looking Baby Octopus

Yakitori ---reminds me of Malaysian Satay. Gan: Wagyu beef on a stick! Bring it on!

BBQ Rice Cakes

The crowd at Azabu Juban Food Fair

Okonomiyaki - Japanese style pancakes/pizza

Marui Sushi

This is by far one of the best sushi we've ever eaten, courtesy of our friend, Eric (thank you Eric!)

We had Omakase (chef's choice) and the sushi kept coming....yummy! Gan: The sushi just kept coming!

The Sushi Chefs who prepared our wonderful dinner!

Gogyou, Nishi Azabu

This restaurant is located at Nishi Azabu and it serves a very unique style of burnt miso/shoyu ramen. I've never tried it but Gan says it's not bad....

Kogashi (Burnt) Shoyu Ramen. Gan: I was basically eating black soot

Gogyou's Chashiu Donburi

Roppongi Hills Restaurants

Roppongi Hills is technically a mini city. They have Grand Hyatt Hotel, Corporate offices, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Apartments all in the same area. We ate some of the best food in Tokyo here in Roppongi Hills.


Address: 6-4-1, Roppongi, Metrohat B2F, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5771-113

Roppongi Hills have so many wonderful restaurants and Pintokona, which is located in the basement of Roppongi Hills is the best Kaiten sushi place ever! Gan: They have these torched salmon and toro sushi. Loved it. Wish more sushi proprietor in NYC do that.

The sushi here is quite expensive, considering that it is, after all just a kaiten sushi place. But unlike other kaiten sushi places, Pintokona serves only the highest quality sushi.

Hige-Cho Tokyo

Address: Roppongi Hills, Metrohat/Hollywood B2F

Phone: 03-5770-6577

Gan and I are such suckers for Rice boxes. We waited a long time for this take out stall in the basement of Roppongi Hills to open in the morning. Not too bad for a fast food place. Gan: One thing we noticed from our travels is that South East Asian still have the best breakfast options of anywhere. Most of the other places we go to, you need to wait until 10am before most restaurants are opened for business.

Braised Pork Belly with an Egg, Minced Pork over rice & Pickled vegetables.


Starbucks ala Green Tea :) I also love everything Green Tea and Japan is just a Green tea heaven. Green Tea ice cream, Green Tea dessert, Green Tea Mochi, Green Tea Cake, you name it, they have it.....I just wished I could eat/drink everything Green Tea everyday.


Address: Yoyogi 2-1-1, Shinjuku Maynd Tower B1F, Tokyo

Phone: 03-3377-1233

We met up with my high school classmate Afiza and her husband Iqbal at Yamato Shinjuku for dinner. It was a nice Izakaya restaurants that serves light and tasty food. We thoroughly enjoyed the dinner there...until we saw a cockroach running across the dining floor! Thank goodness we were done with our meal when that happened.

Nice plate presentation

Happy couples posing after the dinner


Address: 1F, 2F 1-13-11 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5771-0170

Gonpachi near Nishi Azabu - Can't really remember what we ate there, just remembered that the interior was very unique.

With Keiko, Gan's friend from Michigan at Gonpachi


Address: Roppongi 5-5-1, Roi Bldg, 13F

Phone: 03-3404-5741

Erawan is a popular Thai chain restaurant in Japan. We usually go there for its steamboat. The dipping sauce there is kick ass spicy, and really good. Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fish Cake) was not bad also. I wasn't there when Gan tried this "Chicken on Fire" dish. Looked kinda cruel to me though....poor chicken. Gan: Looks like one of those horror witch burning scene in the movies

Thai Fish Cakes at Erawan

Thai Steam boat/Hot Pot at Erawan -- whatever you want to call it. Gan: We're suckers for hot pot. Thai hot pot is one of the better ones outside of those Szechuan spicy hot pot.

$100 Musk Melon

$100 musk melon anyone??

Other Tokyo Restaurants:

Inakaya West

Kitchen Shunju

To-fu Cafe Fujino


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Thanks for visiting our blog, Sanji. It was actually our friend Eric (he lives in Tokyo) who brought us to those restaurants during our trip there in 2005 and 2006. I'll let him know about your website.

I'll definitely check out your website for restaurants review for my next trip to Tokyo! Thanks!

Sarah & Gan

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