Savoey Seafood Restaurant

Address: 136 Taweewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket

Phone: 66-0-76-341171-4

It was not easy to find out where the best food in Phuket are as there are so many places targeting tourists. We decided to try Savoey on Patong Beach anyways since it's really popular among visitors. The lobster sashimi was refreshing and the crab with glass noodles was surprisingly good. They charged American/European price for the food though, so it was quite pricey. However, I would recommend this restaurant if you are at Patong area and is looking for somewhere decent to eat. Gan: I remembered we were arguing before we got here.. must be over something silly like my superior sense of direction or her lousy map reading skills. She was much happier after sending the poor lobster into the kitchen. That was how I remembered our first fresh lobster sashimi.

Fresh Lobster Sashimi. Still moving and staring back at us while we were enjoying its sweet flesh....kinda cruel :( but delicious, thank you Mr.Lobster. Gan: Don't be pissed at me. Sarah picked you!

Delicious crab glass noodles at Savoey. Tasty and spicy! Gan: The peppery taste and crab juice that seeped into the glass noodle made the noodle the star of the dish.


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