Little Sheep Hot Pot


36-35 Main St, Flushing, NY

Phone: 718- 358-6667

I am not sure what is our obsession with hot pot, but it is just something Gan and I love to eat especially during cold winter time. It is our ultimate winter comfort food. But for the longest time, we were not able to find really good hot pot places in New York and the best ones were usually done at home or at our friends' home.

Hot pot is said to have originated from Mongolia during Genghis Khan's time, where the main meat used in hot pot was lamb. Nowadays, we have hot pot dinner with all types of meat, vegetables, noodles, seafood etc and cooked in either herbal soup, regular clear soup or mah lah broth (dried chili broth). Dipping sauces are also important in a hot pot dinner and depending on where you are from, there are different types dipping sauce used. In Malaysia we use sambal chili, garlic chili sauce or soy sauce with chopped chili as our dipping sauces, while in China, fermented tofu sauce, hot oil sauce or sha cha sauce (Chinese BBQ sauce - not sweet) are more commonly used.

We actually ate at Little Sheep hot pot restaurant in Flushing after our friend Celine recommended the place. We did not know it was a chain store until another of our friend, Sarah, who had tried the Shanghai branch told us about it. Apparently Little Sheep hot pot restaurant is very successful, with approximately 350 chain restaurants worldwide; they have restaurants in China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Japan etc. The holding company, XFY was started in LA in 1999, and it had definitely expanded tremendously in the very short 10 year period.

What we like about this hot pot place is that they focus on quality ingredients and the soup is delicious (especially the herbal soup, it was very similar to what we have back in Malaysia). They also have excellent selection of dipping sauces. But eating here is definitely pricey; Gan and I ended up paying close to $100 for a hot pot dinner for two!

Mah lah Broth (Spicy soup) and Herbal Soup (Non-Spicy soup)

Lamb meat (shabu-shabu style)

Assorted Vegetables

Look at how much food we ate for two people

The Aftermath


Fenographer said...

Ahhh yes! My friends in Shanghai love this place. Why can't they open one in Manhattan...:{

Sarah and Gan said...

no worries, next time we go to flushing to eat here we'll let you know. given thet weather is so darn cold, i am sure it will be soon (eventhough it's pricey!)

Joie de vivre said...

I've never seen the pots with the dividers before. It looks like quite a spread!

Florence said...

hehe... remind me of the old college days. =D

Sarah and Gan said...

lian, I want to go back there again!! have cravings for hot pot again! :)

Sarah and Gan said...

Anytime anyone wants to hit up Flushing for hot pot, just call us up! - Gan

kc said...

Lamb shabu shabu? Is it any good?

Sarah and Gan said...

hi kc! yea lamb shabu shabu is yummy especially with the chinese herbal soup. imagine mongolian shabu shabu :) they have a store in Tokyo too you know. check out their website.

Anonymous said...

its listed on the stock market... tip for diversifying from the financials...

Eu Wen

Sarah and Gan said...

hi Eu wen, yea i heard it's a pretty big chain restaurant!

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