Onde Onde


I learned how to make Onde-onde, a Malaysian/Singaporean dessert from my life science class in my high school back in Malaysia. 

Onde-onde is made using glutinous rice flour (think mochi) and it has gula melaka/gula jawa (palm sugar) filling, coated with coconut shavings on the outside. The dessert is incredibly simple to make and it tastes delicious!


Approximately 4 cups of Glutinous Rice Flour

Coconut Shavings (you can get frozen coconut shavings at Top Line supermarket in Queens if you live in NYC)

Shaved Gula Melaka/Gula Jawa/Palm Sugar (I prefer the darker gula melaka)
Pandan Leaves Juice (Screwpine leaves juice –I use blender to extract the juice) 

Artificial Pandan flavor coloring (to make the onde onde look greener)

A pot of bowling water

1) Knead the glutinous rice flour with some pandan leaves juice + a few drops of green coloring + hot water mixture slowly until a smooth dough is formed. 

2) From the dough, create some small balls using your palms. Flatten the ball/dough and place shaved gula melaka onto the center of the dough. Wrap the filling with the side of the dough and then roll into ball shape again. 

3) Cook the onde-onde (that has gula melaka filling) in the bowling water. The onde-onde will float on the water when it's done.

4) Coat the cooked onde onde with shaved coconut and let it cool. Back home in Malaysia, onde-onde is served as one of the cakes/desserts for afternoon tea. Enjoy!


jenster said...

yummy! funny--i was just talking with my husband about these last night!

where can you buy the gula malaka and pandan leaves?

Sarah and Gan said...

usually south east asian supermarket carries gula melaka and panda leaves. We like the one in Elmhurst call Topline.

jenster said...

gotcha, thanks!

darkeneddreams said...

I brought some of these in a chinese supermarket called onde-onde mochi, they are quite delicious but a bit expensive £2 for six.

So I googled them and thank you for the receipe.

Sarah and Gan said...

you're welcome! £2 for six is pricey. enjoy!

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