Momofuku Milk Bar


207 2nd Ave, New York (13th Street)


Even though I am not a big fan of David Chang, I thought it was smart of him to open a dessert store/cafe right behind his Momofuku Ssam Bar restaurant. There's always a wait outside of Ssam bar anyways, so why not "entertain" these people with some lights snacks or drinks while they wait ? Or send those customers who are done with dinner at Ssam Bar to the Milk Bar for more desserts? Genius.

Gan and I went to the Milk Bar after our dinner at Rockmeisha. We just had to check it out. Milk Bar operates just like a bakery/cafe, you'd need to take a number if there are many people and the menu of the day is written on the board. They have soft serve, shakes, pies, milk, pork buns and bread + flavored butter. Gan had to satisfy his cravings for the pork buns even though we just had dinner, so he ordered two buns. As for me, I got a chocolate chip cake and a pistachio with cereal shake. The pork buns were definitely not as good as the ones at Ssam Bar, while the chocolate chip cake was just ok and the pistachio cereal shake was too SALTY. No wonder some people called this place the "Salty Bar". The pastry chef seriously need to tone down the salt content in the shake.

I wasn't too impressed with the cake, shake and pork buns we had at Milk Bar, but I heard the Banana cake there is a must try (they didn't have it when I was there). Maybe I will drop by again next time and get the banana cake.

Menu of the day


Chocolate chip cake and pistachio cereal shake

Momofuku's signature pork bun. Momofuku Ssam Bar's version is better

Small pathway to Ssam Bar from Milk Bar

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Anonymous said...

i believe that's the chocolate cake, the chocolate chip cake is layered with passion fruit curd and coffee buttercream. the pistachio shake was probably salty because it was made with SALTY pistachio soft serve. just sayin'...

Sarah and Gan said...

Oh so the waitress must have given me the wrong cake. I asked for the chocolate chip cake! Bummer! salty pistachio shake/soft serve was too salty. Gotta tone of down a little in my opinion :)

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