Main St. Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet


59-14a Main Street, Flushing New York


I am picky when it comes to Chinese food and I really like the Taiwanese style Chinese food more than anything since it is similar to the Chinese cooking I am used to back in Malaysia. Gan and I always thought Lin's Taiwanese at Elmhurst was the best, but apparently there is a better Taiwanese restaurant in Flushing call Main St Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet. I thought there were more variety of dishes at Main St Imperial and the food was more home cook style. My recommendations: oyster omelette and flies head (although the name sounds weird, it is actually just minced meat and chives). This place is a gem and I am glad my friends brought me there!

The very friendly boss/chef- Mr. Lin

Tofu casserole

Stir fried 'A' vegetables

Clams with Black Bean Sauce

"flies head" -the name doesn't sound appetizing, but this dish was awesome. Really goes well with rice


Pork stew

Oyster omelette - two thumbs up!

Stir fried cabbage on the House


jKay said...

I prefer the Malaysian style Oyster omelette to the Taiwanese one.. can ask them don't put the sauce? ;p But the tofu looks goodddddd.. slurp!

Sarah and Gan said...

coming from Malacca, I too was used to the Malaysian stlye Oyster Omelette, until I ate this one at Bei Kang (or Main St Imperial). it's light, crispy and tasty! the sauce actually enhance the dish, if done right! you gotta try it here.

dolphing said...

Wishing you and your family Happy Chinese New Year ^^

Sarah and Gan said...

Thanks. Happy Chinese New Year! :)

SF said...

No, with the sauce is way better!! ^^ -Sherry

jKay said...

this place is SO FAR! gosh! it was a good thing we drove there (and i started looking for it once we exited the expressway when coming back from long island), but yeah, the oyster omelette and tofu is goooooood!! ;p

Sarah and Gan said...

you made it to bei kang! worth the trip huh? :) next stop, xin jiang lamb skewers and little lamb hot pot!

jKay said...

i already been to little lamb hot pot sometime back! the weather recently hasn't been cold enough to warrant another trip there yet hehe.. but i def am going to try the xin jiang lamb skewers - was meant to on the same day but we were too stuffed after bei kang!! ;pp

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