11 Barrow St, New York (West Village)

Phone: 212-675-7775

I had a ramen conversation with a friend and he recommended Rockmeisha in West Village for good ramen, so Gan and I decided to check it out. The restaurant is located next to Annisa and has a really nice old school Japanese interior/deco. The menu was not the common menu you'd see in other izakaya restaurants in the city, and after speaking with the waiter, we realized that Rockmeisha offers alot more dishes from Kyushu area in Japan. Their ramen is also the famous tonkotsu style (milky pork bone broth) with thin silky noodles imported from Japan. Maybe because they import their noodles, they charged $14 for a bowl ramen? Compared to Hakata Ippudo, Santokah or Jangaara Ramen in Tokyo, Rockmeisha's tonkotsu ramen is milder in taste and more home cooking style. But it's still good.

We ordered some other small dishes as well. I really liked the Nanban - spicy fried chicken with tartar sauce, which taste like boneless buffalo wings with blue cheese, but better. Their signature dish - Pork feet, was the best I have eaten in NYC. They browned the skin of the pork feet before cooking it in ponzu like sauce, and man, the dish was amazing.

Overall, we really like this place. Happy to find a Kyushu restaurant and another good izakaya restaurant in the city. We will be going back soon.

Tonkotsu Ramen with homemade char siu

Nanban - spicy fried chicken with tartar sauce

This banner really got us ordering the pork feet dish and it was absolutely delicious. Pork feet lovers, you must check out this place!

Pork feet or Tonsoku

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Fenographer said...


Looks great, I must go try.

jKay said...

the tonsoku was amazing but all of us thought the ramen just doesn't cut it!! and it was really expensive for such a small bowl of ramen!! =((

Sarah and Gan said...

yea their ramen is small, especially if compared with ippudo. did you eat the nanban? fried chicken with tartar sauce??

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