Long Fatt Restaurant


No.15, Jln Kampung Pantai, Melaka

6-019 - 364 6682

Long Fatt is perhaps the only Teoh Chew porridge restaurant in Malacca. Teoh Chew porridge is more watery than the Cantonese congee and it's usually served with light dishes such as braised preserved vegetables, braised pork, braised duck, hard boiled eggs in soy sauce, pig intestines with soy sauce, assam fish etc....The food is so good that I can eat about 3 bowls of porridge each time I go there.

Gan: Teoh Chew porridge is usually plain porridge, accompanied with small dishes which usually goes well with the relatively bland taste of watery/soupy porridge. That's why you would usually find dishes with stronger taste such as the salted/preserved vegetables (mustard green) and soy sauce braised pork or tofu.

BEST braised preserved vegetables
Gan: You can't find anywhere else that makes its preserved vegetable as good as this one. The most difficult thing in making this dish is to get the saltiness right. This place gets it just right all the time.

Assam fish (hot and sour fish)

Gan only eats rice! Even at a Teoh Chew porridge restaurant
Gan: Hehehe.. not that big a fan of bland porridge. The texture of rice still goes well with the dishes here.


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