City Famous Restaurant


Jalan Melaka Raya 12, Melaka

Phone: 6-06-282 2768

This restaurant is famous for the Assam fish heads dish, but its stir-fried homemade tofu, otak-otak, bean sprout with salted fish, kangkung belacan and spicy sambal squid dishes are fantastic as well.

Gan: Muar, a small town in Johor (southwestern state in Malaysia, right underneath, not too far away from Melaka) is quite famous among Malaccans as they have quite a lot of good chefs from there. A couple of the more famous dishes they make are the otak-otak and Assam fish head.

Homemade Tofu
Gan: Don't think it's homemade. It's probably the japanese tofu that comes in tubes to maintain a certain shape consistency. It's well made though. :-)

Spicy Sambal Shrimp
Gan: You want heat? This is heat!

Gan: One of the more famous food in Malaysia. Otak is a Malay word for brain (hehe.. that's what they call this dish because it looks like one). It's basically a fish+shrimp curry paste along with various spices.

Assam fish tails
Gan: There's various style of assam fish in Malaysia and this is typically called the Muar style, which is made with tamarind juice and sambal. The other is more of nyonya style assam fish, with a lot more complex spices.

Kangkung Belacan


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