Tung Po Restaurant


Address: 2/F, Urban Services Building, Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Phone: 852-2880-9399

Gan and I found out about Tung Po Restaurant from watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation Hong Kong episode. We knew this was the "tai pai dong" we definitely have to try when we are there. Since we didn't make reservation ahead of time, we had to wait around 20 minutes to get a table but it wasn't too bad since we were busy catching up with our friend Alex outside of the restaurant. From Anthony Bourdain's show, I remembered that one of the restaurant's famous dishes is the squid ink noodles and we ordered that, on top of other dishes such as the deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk, pig's feet, stir-fry snow pea tips, fried rice and roasted chicken. Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner at Tung Po and would definitely recommend anyone who's going to Hong Kong to check it out. (ps: even the taxi driver who drove us there knew about Tung Po, and he agreed that it's one of the best tai pai dong in Hong Kong!)

Food Galore!

Squid ink noodles - this was delicious, but we all had black lips after eating it. The squid balls were so fresh and springy.

Deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk

One of the best snow pea tips dish that I have eaten.


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