Melaka Raya Teoh Chew Bak Kut Teh


Bak kut teh is an uniquely Malaysian pork ribs herbal soup dish that is served with yam rice and yao tiu and people usually have it for breakfast! Malaysian Chinese really love their Bak kut tehs!

Bak kut teh literally translate to Pork Rib Tea. It's a common Hokkien dish which is eaten in the morning as breakfast (yea, quite heavy, ain't it? after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day). When I was growing up, this is a typical breakfast dish for me. My dad especially, loves the dish. It's made of several different types of herbal roots which was grounded into powder form and packed into a cloth/sack of sort. It is then made into a soup with pork ribs and some other condiments. It's served with the typical pot of chinese tea, which is good in "washing down" the grease from the pork ribs.

a side order of braised pork feet in dark soy sauce

Yao Tiu served with bak kut teh

Drinking Chinese tea after a heavy breakfast


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