Hing Loong Restaurant


No. 11-J, Jalan Bachang, Malacca
Phone: 06-284-2529

Address: No 87, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, PJ
Phone: 03-7710-8334

We posted on Hing Loong restaurant last year under of "Malaccan Food", but we thought the pork chop noodles here is so good that it deserves its own individual review. Even though we have had pork chop noodles at other Taiwanese restaurants in Malaysia and in New York, we feel that this is still the best. If you live outside of Malacca and would like to try their pork chop noodles, you can check out the restaurant's branch in Damansara Utama. But be ready to pay, the restaurant is charging RM6 for a regular bowl at Damansara Utama vs RM3.60 for a bowl in Malacca. Gan: I felt this time around, the owner had become that much more enterprising - with the expansion to other cities in Malaysia. My dad had known the owner for quite some time now since they were both members of the Taiwanese Association in Melaka (read: excuse for marathon mahjong sessions). Just like the typical Hokkien we are, both my dad and myself agreed that whenever I come home and eat here, there's always 3 constants. The price is higher, the food portion is smaller (at least the pork), but the food still taste good.

Deep fried pork chops fresh out of the hot oil! Gan: What?!?! Who's the lucky chap who's getting that super generous portion?

I ordered the largest bowl since I won't be eating this for at least another year
Gan: Sarah's becoming an eating monster with each passing day

The chili paste here is fantastic
Gan: It's also great when you mix it in with your noodle and pork chop.

The restaurant's exterior
Gan: Same location since I'd had it the first time in my childhood, very conveniently located in Bachang area, nearby my parents' home


jason said...

Wow, that almost double the price you get in Malacca!

Sarah & Gan said...

yeap, more expensive indeed. but i think if i am living in KL/PJ, I might eat there. but of course, there are so many good places to eat in KL/PJ so Hing Loong should really lower its price to be able to compete for customers!

jason said...

Yeah, agreed. But so far, I haven't spotted any similar stalls in KL/PJ yet.

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