31 Cornelia Street, New York


Phone: 212-645-2189

Gan and I are not gourmet Italian food kind of people. Whenever we have cravings, we go to Angelo's of Mulberry Street for some good home cooking. Nevertheless, we are aware of other excellent Italian restaurants out there. So I have made a goal for us to try other Italian restaurants in NYC and we started off with Po at Cornelia Street, a restaurant which was originally co-owned by the Famous Mario Batali. I heard it is not as easy to get reservations but I scored a table for 4 people on a Friday anyways. Lucky!

I was quite excited about the menu at Po. Dishes that particularly caught my attention were the Fresh marinated anchovies, clams and mussels, white bean bruschetta, white bean ravioli and grilled guinea hen. So of course, we had ordered all of the above (except the white bean ravioli) in addition to a skirt steak and two specials of the day.

I think I really enjoyed the food at Po. I especially love the anchovies (and the roasted barley underneath) and can’t get enough of the guinea hen. The service was lovely as well. Even though they were busy and crowded, I felt that we were well taken care of from the moment we arrived at the restaurant. I think I can get used to eating more "Po" like restaurant instead of Angelo’s going forward!

Bob's steamed clams and mussels with green chilies, tomatoes, fresh mint & olive crostino

Fresh marinated anchovies with leeks and roasted barley - I love the fresh anchovies, they were so fatty and delicious, I want more!

Spaghetti Carbonara with guanciale, black pepper, onion, egg, Parmigiano Reggiano

Grilled Guinea Hen with pumpkin & scallion fregula with saba - the grilled guinea hen was tender and very well seasoned. Well done!

Grilled skirt steak with baby potatoes & Gorgonzola butter

Special of the day #1 - Grilled Fish

Special of the day #2 - Seafood pasta


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