Ban Lee Hiang Satay Celup


45F, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca

Satay celup is one of the many unique things originated from my home town Malacca. Satay celup, which literally means dipping satay, can only be found in Malacca and is crazily popular among Malaccans and tourists from everywhere. Imagine a huge fondue pot installed onto a table and instead of cheese, the pot is filled with boiling hot spicy satay (peanut) sauce. To go with it are skewers of raw or semi-cooked seafood, meat, vegetables, fish balls and meat balls etc. All you need to do is to pick up the skewers you would like to eat and dump them into the boiling pot to cook. How much the meal cost depends on how many skewers of "satay" you consumed (plus other things such as drinks, of course), and normally each skewer costs around RM0.50.

There are a few satay celup restaurants in Malacca, but we usually go to Ban Lee Hiang at Jalan Ong Kim Wee since it is near Gan's parents' place. My favorites there are the kangkung, sausage, lean pork, tau kee (fried bean curd skin), fish balls and meat balls. It was so fun to eat there the last time because our young nephew, Bruce, challenged us to a satay celup eating contest, and that little boy beat us flat with 24 skewers!

If you are stopping by in Malacca and have not yet tried satay celup, I definitely recommend that you check it out - unless the thought of possible double dippings gross you out. But look, you don't always get bad stomach after that, at least I did not get one this time.

Skewers of meat, seafood, vegetables, sausages etc

Bruce patiently awaits his skewers of sausages to be cooked in the pot

counting skewers


Jason said...

I have yet to try satay celup :(
Missed it on my first trip down to Melaka last year's Christmas.

Sarah & Gan said...

yea definitely need try satay celup if you are in Malacca. Both Ban Lee Hiang Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee and Capitol Satay Celup near Bunga Raya are not bad.

Born2Reign said...

Yea, once you try this Satay Celup, near my house (Kg Empat) you won't bother with the lok-lok in KL. But don't wear your CNY new baju, coz you'll be sweating like a horse when and after eating this.

Every time I go back hometown, on weekends it is fully packed with customers standing and waiting for you to get off the table asap. Maybe they added marijuana ;-)

Sarah & Gan said...

didn't know horse sweat.. :-) but good point, it's a high temperature affair each time you have them.. both with the heat from the portable stove underneath, cooking everything above and under the table ;-) as well as the heat from the spiciness of the sauce.
but we love torturing ourself for good food.. mark of a good yaokui!

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