So Kong Dong

Address: 130 Main St. Fort Lee, NJ


Gan and I love Korean tofu soup, and even though we can probably find good tofu soup places in Korean Town NYC, none of the them can beat Song Kong Dong's tofu soup when it comes to the price. You can get an awesome Kimchee Chigae and any other tofu soups such as Soon DooBoo Chigae for only $9 and BBQ beef ribs for only $11. That probably explains why the restaurant is always crowded, especially on Fridays and weekends. When you get to restaurant, make sure the first thing you do is to get a number at the counter. Then you have to wait patiently for your number to be called for your orders to be taken and then wait again to have your number called for a table. But it is definitely worth waiting because the food is so good!

Every table gets a generous portion of "pan chan", which is Korean small dishes/appetizers. They have good cucumber and bean sprouts pan chan at So Kong Dong. The waiters and waitresses are very busy so don't expect service with a smile, but you do get your food really quickly. If you are in Jersey and wonder what's good around Fort Lee/Edgewater area, definitely check out So Kong Dong. Gan: Favorite New Jersey restaurant. Thanks to Ray Chan for introducing this place to us. It was also featured by Tony Bourdain in his No Reservations New Jersey episode. Soon Doo Boo on the cheap.. can't beat that.

pan chan - radish and cabbage kimchee, bean sprouts, spicy cucumbers Gan: The spicy pickled cucumber is the best. Always have seconds.

Rice cooked in a hot stone bowl -- best tasting rice ever! Gan: They cook the most perfect rice

Ready to eat!!

My Kimchee Chigae with Beef

Marinated BBQ ribs Gan: USD11 for Kalbi.. Probably the cheapest you can find in the NYC metropolitan area


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