Ah Chung Taiwanese


Address: Food Court @ Flushing Mall, 133-31 39th Avenue, Flushing NY

Our initial plan was to go for some good old Taiwanese cooking at David's in Elmhurst. But after hearing that Flushing Mall has pretty good Taiwanese food too, we decided to make a detour and eat there instead. The Taiwanese place in Flushing Mall is call Ah Chung, and it's actually a stall that is in the mall's food court. They serves mostly fast food style Taiwanese dishes such as stinky tofu, oyster omelette, sizzling steak and minced meat over rice etc. Oi Yen and I were so excited that we went yaokui and ordered about 6 dishes for just 3 of us! We had steamed duck, stinky tofu, oyster omelette, sizzling black pepper steak, sizzling black pepper pork chop and vermicelli noodles. Out of all the dishes we ordered, I liked the pepper steak and oyster omelette the most. The rest were ok. Gan: It was a food orgy. Man, we had so much food it wasn't even funny.

Taiwanese Oyster Omelette. Gan: Still prefer the less sticky, with the smaller oysters of Malaccan Oh Chien

Stinky Tofu! it was quite stinky....but not the smelliest I have eaten though. Gan: I still remembered the first one I tried. From a street vendor at Hong Kong's Nathan Road. You could smell it from the other end of the street! But one bite and I was hooked.

Steamed duck

Vermicelli. Gan: Don't quite like this

Ah Chung's black pepper steak. Gan: This is nice

Bryan:" huh? this shave ice you also want to take picture ah?" commenting on me taking pictures of every food we were eating, including the shave ice dessert. lol

Poli, Oi Yen and I posing for the camera :)

The Yaokuis!

Taiwanese shave ice dessert - with pineapples, jello, syrup and condensed milk. It was not too bad, but Malaysian's shave ice dessert (chendol and ice kacang) are much better.


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