405 Sakurano-cho, Teramachi, Sanjo-Sagaru, Kyoto


Phone: 075-221-0003

During our trip to Kyoto, we ate at Mishima-Tei, a restaurant well known for serving sukiyaki. We found out about this restaurant from Bento.com, and we wanted to try it because we read that the restaurant has been around for over 130 years. It must be good if it lasted that long. Mishima-Tei is located on Teramachi, a historical street in Kyoto. Even though the neighborhood had transformed, the restaurant remained untouched by the changes around the area, staying put at the same location and the same building as it was 130 years ago. The restaurant is also run by the 5th Generation of the Mishima family that founded the restaurant.

We went to Mishima-Tei during lunch time to take advantage of the lunch price, it still cost $55 per person. Nevertheless, the sukiyaki there was the best we've eaten - the sauce was light but flavorful, and the beef was exceptionally fresh and tender.

Tatami seating only. The restaurant uses electric stove, perhaps because of fire hazards.

You can choose the type of meat you want for the sukiyaki, they have meat option that cost more than $100 per person (for lunch). Your kimono-wearing server will prepare the sukiyaki right in front of you.

Mishima-tei interior


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