Marmite Chicken Wings

Delicious Marmite curry chicken wings - mom's recipe. Gan: Marmite is quite bitter so it's always good to have something sweet and/or spicy to balance it out... like the Indonesian sweet chili sauce - ABC

For you folks who are not familiar with what Marmite is --- Marmite is a very popular British savory spread that is made from Yeast Extract! :) I heard that it's commonly use as a spread for bread/toast in Britain, but in Malaysia, we use Marmite to marinate or to mix into porridges. It has quite a strong and almost pungent smell to it, so be warned that you will either love it, or hate it.

Marmite is pretty common in most commonwealth countries but it's very difficult to find them in the United States. Topline grocery store in Elmhurst and Tea & Sympathy's take out store are the only two places (that I know of) which sell Marmite in NYC. It cost about $10 for a 400g or 14 oz jar in those two places.


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