UFC (Unidentified Flying Chicken)


Address: 71-22 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, New York


Phone: 718-205-6662

UFC exterior - really cute!

Our friend Yao Hua brought us to this really interesting fried chicken place at Jackson Height in Queens. Guess what? The name of the restaurant is call "Unidentified Flying Chickens"!!! lol...I wonder how they came up with that name. The fried chicken was pretty good, we had the spicy and soy garlic flavored chicken wings & legs. I don't know how they cooked it, but the chicken wings and legs were very light and crispy. The sweet potato fries and regular fries were not bad too. Overall, a nice little chicken/wings joint! Gan: Lately, it seems like all the talk in town seems to be the invasion of the korean-styled fried chicken.. but as we are without a subscription to any news publication (due to much shorter commute to work nowadays), we are impervious to this as Yao Hua told us about it. We seem to become more aware of some of the non-KFC "fried chicken" place in some of the Korean enclaves around the New York-New Jersey area - Palisades Park, Fort Lee, 34th St K-town and pockets of area in Woodside/Northern Blvd/Flushing Queens. I guess the 2 main thing that stood out the most about this place is the name (UFC) and the price (really cheap). This is a New York Times article about the establishment: UFC - NY Times Review.

UFC Menu

Chicken legs - half order of soy garlic and half order of spicy flavor. Gan: 2 things that bears the hallmark of Asian style fried chicken - very light/no batter and strong seasoning (most of the time, wet). They slit the chicken legs to cook it more evenly/get a more crispy texture.

wings at UFC

sweet potatoes fries

The UFC eaters! Gan: Dragged the Manhattanites into Queen for some Korean style fried chicken.


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