East Boat Lobster


East Boat Lobster Restaurant

Address: 72 Kenmare St, New York


Our friend Ray Chan first introduced us to this Hong Kong seafood place near Little Italy about four to five years ago and it's become one of our favorite "comfort food" places in NYC. The restaurant has absolutely no taste in interior decorating, but who cares, they serve good lobsters!

East Boat cooks their lobsters in many styles. They have Lobster with Butter, Lobster with Ginger and Scallion, Lobster Baked with Cheese, Malaysian style Lobster (hot and sour - our favorite!) and the list goes on. Aside from its lobsters, East Boat is also famous for serving generous portions of food! People usually go to East Boat for varieties and good seafood for a reasonable price. They are also very popular with their meal sets, for example, Meal "J" that we ordered comes with Shark Fin soup (I know it's cruel, I'm trying to quit), garlic bread, salad, steamed razor clams, a Malaysian Style (or Any Style) Lobster, Salt Baked Shrimp, Fried Rice, "Sir-Loin" Chicken and Japanese Style Scallops. The meal also include ice cream for dessert. Gan and I are yaokuis so we usually go there by ourselves, but I would definitely recommend going there with family or friends to avoid overeating!!

Gan: This is comfort food for us, I guess. I still remember Sarah wasn't that big a fan of lobster or any shell fish but she does like them at selected restaurants or cuisine. This is one of it. One thing Sarah do absolutely love though is the razor clams. They serve it less often now in this restaurant. I'm guessing the market price for razor clams is too high for them to make it into their all-inclusive pricing than it used to be.

Lobster Any Style + "Sir-Loin Chicken" meal, $48.95 for two!!

Shark Fins Soup - Gan told me that these are fake/vegetarian shark fins?!

Steamed razor clams drizzled with light soy sauce and scallions. Favorite razor clams dish in NYC. It's so good that we ordered another serving. Yaokui!
Gan: Sarah's favorite. Razor clams don't usually need to be drenched in sauces. This is one perfect example of the right way to cook this.

We ate all these Food!!
Gan: We don't have lobsters often back in our hometown but it's definitely a staple of Cantonese cooking. I'm just guessing but this kind of plating is more French influenced in the old days of banquet style buffet.

Enjoying my Green Tea Ice Cream

Lobster on the wall.......err.......
Gan: lol


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