Kyoto, August 2005


During our 2005 trip to Japan, we decided to stop by at Kyoto for a couple of days. Everything in Kyoto was so traditional and magical. From the temples/shrines, to the imperial garden, we can't help but feel like we've been transported back to ancient Japan. The food was even more amazing. We ate the best sukiyaki ever in Kyoto and had a wonderful experience at a cha-kaiseki restaurant. Kyoto also produces some of Japan's best green tea and I got to drink and eat everything green tea, as many times as I wanted there! Also Check out our review on other Kyoto restaurats: Minoko, Mishima-Tei, Ishiyaki Jidori Issian

Gan: The thing I remembered most about Kyoto was it was really hot there. The city is surrounded by mountain ranges and during the summer, there's hardly any wind breeze there. We arrived wearing jeans, and I was wearing shorts the rest of the time there. Kyoto is a must visit city in Japan though. If you watch anime, Tokyo has the allure of a modern asian city like neo-Tokyo of Akira... but Kyoto has the charm of an ancient Japanese city like the period Rurouni Kenshin was based on. Similarly, food wise. You get more authentic, traditional Japanese food here.

In the Shinkansen aka bullet train.. Gan: It was fast!

We never missed a chance to eat!! we bought some bento lunch boxes to the train. As you can see, Gan couldn't wait to dig in! Gan: OMG.. the variety of bento they had at the train station! So beautiful! So appetizing! So many options!

Nishiki Market

Address: 609 Nishi-daimonji-cho Shijo-noboru Tominokoji-dori

Phone: 075-211-3882

Nishiki market is a narrow shopping street with hundreds of shops, selling varieties of goods -- from fresh fish/meat, to tea leaves and sweets. We saw many shops that sell Kyoto specialty items such as the Kyoto sweets and Hojicha leaves. Nishiki market is also known as "Kyoto's Kitchen" as many of these stores have been opened for generations. There were gorgeous displays of Japanese preserved vegetables which we were very tempted to buy bags of them home!

Assorted colorful sweet beans

Preserved vegetables. Gan: Wanted to bring some oshinko back to NY but was afraid it won't pass custom inspection

Kyoto Desserts

Before trying this BBQ mochi at Gion area in Kyoto, I always thought the ready made/frozen mochi I get in the Japanese Supermarket freezer are not at all delicious. Of course, this fresh/grilled mochi in Kyoto totally blew my mind away!

Grilled Mochi drizzled with brown sugar and roasted soybean powder. It was amazing.

Green Tea Ice Cream/Shaved ice & more mochi -- somewhere at Gion

Kyoto sweets


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I wish I had seen your page before we went to Japan two months ago. We had a good culinary experience in Japan (the land of good eats:, but it would have been even better had I seen your page.

BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers!

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