Lin's Taiwanese


Lin's Taiwanese Restaurant

Address: 8402 Broadway, Elmhurst NY

Phone: (718)429-4818

Shaun, Debbie, Kim, Gan and I went to have dinner at Lin's Taiwanese Restaurant in Elmhurst after Shirley's housewarming party. In our opinion, Lin's is the best Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant in NYC. We've heard that there's another Taiwanese restaurant in Flushing that is better, but since we've yet to try that place, so Lin's remains as our favorite for now.

We waited in line for quite a bit before we got a table. As soon as we sat down, Gan and I went crazy, as usual, and started ordering ALOT of food. We had some standard Taiwanese dishes such as the "San Pei Ji" (Chicken with sesame oil and basil), "Chang Wang" (intestines with preserved veggies), steamed sea bass, Bamboo shoot with shredded pork and stir-fry "Do Miao" (a type of Chinese vegetables). I wish there's a Lin's near where I work or live so that I can have my favorite dish, the bamboo shoots with shredded pork all the time!

Gan: I think this restaurant cooks the best tasting Chinese food in the NYC area. Their dishes have what we chinese call "wok hei" or "aroma of the wok". It's basically the slightly burnt smell and taste from the extreme heat from the wok. It's especially great with their veggie dishes.

Shaun and Debbie

"San Pei Ji" - Chicken with sesame oil and basil
Gan: Classic Taiwanese dish. Basil is not used as commonly in Chinese cooking but it complements well with chicken and brings out the appetite.

"Do Miao" - snow pea leaves?
Gan: The "wok hei" is prominent with this dish

Love Taiwanese cooking!

My favorite dish at Lin's -- Bamboo shoot with shredded pork
Gan: This is my favorite as well

Kim ordered this Taiwanese Sausage Fried Rice, not bad actually.

Steamed sea bass
Gan: It's common to see aquariums in Chinese restaurants where they keep the fish they serve on the menu. That's as fresh as you can get.

Group picture after the dinner. It'll last me a while before my cravings for Lin's return and we'll have to drive to Elmhurst for this again.
Gan: I bet it won't be that long before we have to do this again. :-)


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