54 E 1st Street, New York

Phone: 212-677-6221

I've wanted to eat at Prune ever since I saw Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert and Scott Bryan on "No Reservation" eating those heavenly bone marrows on toasts at the restaurant! That’s why I was so excited when Gan and I were able to get a table for dinner tonight!

The restaurant was quite full when we got there at around 7pm. The interior of the restaurant is cozy and tiny - It can probably accommodate only around 10-12 small tables. The restaurant has a semi-open kitchen, so if you get a table that is close by the kitchen (like we did!), you'll have the luxury of seeing all the cooking actions going on in there.

Truthfully, we thought most of the dishes we ordered were just ok . Other than the Mojito, Stewed Pork Shoulder with Salsa Verde and Cabbage with Anchovies, we thought all the other dishes were slightly below expectation. The Burrata cheese with herb salad and toast tasted just like a regular mozarella cheese dish, and the soupy rice with lobster and squid was overpowering. For dessert, we had the Flourless chocolate cake and Peach crumble with ice cream. The Peach crumble was nicely done, but the chocolate cake was a little too rich and sweet for me.

Overall, Prune is an alright dinner place. I was very disappointed to find out that they are not serving bone marrows until winter. But I'll definitely go there again come winter...and I'll probably try the steak and eggs for brunch one day as well! (Every restaurant deserves a second chance! )

Gan: Had high expectations but the experience was so so only. Maybe it's the dishes we ordered and the seasonal menu choices but I always thought good restaurant establishments always balance out risk taking on the menu selection and always produce great tasting food without failure. Or it's just our pallet was a bit out of whack that day?

Really love the Mojito at Prune

Prune's Bar

Burrata Cheese with Herb Salad and Toast

Not sure why Gan always pose with strange faces!!
Gan: Always happy to provide entertainment to the boss

Da Kitchen

Fresh Herb
Gan: Seems like they love to use herbs here

Mirror reflection of one of the waitresses at Prune getting ready to serve the food

Me and my plate of Stewed Pork Shoulder...the pork shoulder was very tender and delicious.

Don't like this dish too much...the rice was undercooked and the sauce/soup was overpowering. What a waste, I had high expectation on this dish
Gan: Quite shocked when I took in the first spoonful. The menu stated soupy rice so I guess the rice should be cooked fully and not half cooked like risotto. Japanese are usually great with rice-in-soup dishes.. but I guess they're usually cooked in lighter broth than this particular one. It just didn't agree with my pallet. My honest opinion - this is not a success for me (poorly conceived and executed).

Plum Crumble top with ice cream. Toasty and buttery= yummy!

The lady who sat next to us recommended this flourless chocolate cake. I thought it was just ok, dark chocolate was too rich and sweet for me.
Gan: The caramel did nothing. The chocolate cake was so much sweeter than it.. so it just provided a contrast in consistency.. sticky but not sweet.

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d said...

yeah, i wasn't overly impressed with prune either, seems over-hyped. let's compare notes sometime, maybe over another meal, hahaha...

d said...

oh, it's dianne by the way

Sarah & Gan said...

Hello Diane! yes lets do that :) we should meet up for lunch/dinner next time.

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