Yakiniku Juju


157 E 28th St, New York, NY 10016-8138 (CLOSED)


Before the "invasion" of Gyukaku to NYC, Yakiniku Juju was in our opinion, the best yakiniku place in the city. It has always been fully booked on Fridays, as well as the weekends. They have very nice Yakiniku combo-- we usually go for the Surf and Turf for two, where we can pick 4 different kinds of meat/seafood per person. For the meat, you can order chicken, prime ribs, prime beef tongue, sirloin, and for seafood you have choices such as scallops, jumbo shrimps and squid. The combo also comes with soup & salad for appetizers and ice cream/jello for dessert. If you don't like the choices offered in the combo meals, you can go for the ala carte, where items such as chicken skin and pork belly can be ordered individually. The restaurant also serves shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. It's a very tiny restaurant, so we would recommend making reservations ahead of time, especially if you are planning to go as a big group.

Gan: I guess this is why it's great to be in NYC. The breadth and depth of the NYC restaurant scene is just amazing. Imagine.. finding a mom and pop shop that serves Korean BBQ, Japanese style in NYC. You just don't find a lot of that outside of cities in Japan. Yakiniku is one of our favorite and this is one of our favorite joint in the city.

Hot surface!

Gan drinking his favorite soup at Yakiniku Juju. He ordered a second bowl after finishing this one. yao kui! Gan: Must be the MSG. For some reason, it taste like the instant beef noodle soup I had when I was younger

Prime ribs (without bones), shrimp, spicy chicken, assorted veggies Gan: Pretty good deal

Prime Beef tongue. Gan: Gyutan!

cooking time!! Gan: Always a fun way to have dinner with a big party. You work for your food.


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