Curry Maggi Mee

I came home from work late on Thursday night. Initially Gan wanted to order for delivery, but I insisted that we'll cook something simple. We decided on having Maggi curry mee and Marmite chicken wings for dinner. Maggi curry mee is perhaps the most popular instant noodle in Malaysia - it's so popular that people would pay to eat Maggi Mee outside (cooked in different ways of course). Gan claims that he cooks the best Maggi curry mee soup. So with his help, I had a really simple task of just frying the Marmite chicken wings that I have marinated the night before. Gan: My Maggi Curry Mee is divine! Just the right amount of soup for the perfect spiciness and consistency.. noodles are cooked for the right amount of time for perfect springiness... eggs are beaten at the right time and amount of time for perfect blend of partial poached egg and egg drops in the soup. I make the perfect Maggi Curry Mee!

Dinner ready in just 2 minutes (or less!) Gan: "Maggi Mee. Cepat dimasak. Sedap dimakan." - Maggi Mee commercial's catchy verse still rings in my head after 20 or so years. (translate: Maggi Mee. Easy to cook. Delicious to eat). I guess you don't need cadres of MBAs to come up with good commercials.


Zen said...

OMG ... i am drooling ... can you make some for me !!!!!

Sarah & Gan said...

lol....we'll invite you over next time for Maggi curry mee and chicken wings :)

Iqbal said...

Maggi mee is damned awesome one -- gonna buka puasa with that one of these days!

Oh, great blog, just discovered this while trolling on facebook hahaha

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