Address: 214 East 10th Street, New York

Phone: 1-866-60-28779

I really like Curry-ya. Not because it's more of a gourmet curry place with nice bar seatings (which I don't care), but because the curry is prepared really well here. In Japan, curry rice is call kare raisu, and curry is also normally eaten with udon or bread. One big difference between Japanese curry and other curries is that Japanese curry is thicker (thickened by roux) and is sweeter, because fruits such as apple is added. Curry was introduced to Japan during Meiji era and it's one of the most popular dishes in Japan partly because it's so easy to make. That's why I rather cook Japanese curry at home using the ready made "Golden Curry" sauce mix rather than ordering from restaurant. But Gan convinced me to check out Curry-ya last weekend and I ordered the vegetables curry while Gan had the Berkshire Pork Katsu Kare. I was surprised that my curry was so light but flavorful. Gan's katsu kare was also amazing - the pork katsu was fried perfectly and juicy! I thought the owner of this place (the same owner as Sakagura, Sobaya, Rai rai ken etc) is really good in bringing Japanese fast food culture to New York city and make it work. I can't wait for them to open the first Tempura only restaurant in the city, really missed those good tempuras I ate while in Tokyo.
There is a good article on Japanese curry on Chopsticks NY, a magazine about Asian (mostly Japanese) cuisine in NYC metro area, that we read regularly. You can also get a printed copy from most Asian restaurants in NYC metro area (look for it at the entrance of the restaurant).

Bar seating at Curry ya. Nice marble table.

Curries are being prepared

Berkshire Pork Katsu (Cutlet) Curry

Seasonal Vegetables Curry

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