Taishoken Ramen


4-28-3 Higashi Ikebukuro, Roshima-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-3981-9360
Taishoken is famous for its Tsukemen, dipping style noodles, so we decided to make a trip from Roppongi to Ikebukuro to try it out. It took us a while before we found this place. Actually, after looking at other people's pictures of Taishoken's exterior, I have a feeling that we might have gone to a newer branch instead of the original. But oh well, as long as it's still Taishoken. Upon entering the restaurant, you'll find a vending machine where you can choose what you want ie ramen (soup or dipping style) + shio or shoyu soup base + Menma (bamboo shoots) + Char Sui (roast pork), pay up, hand in coupon to the cook and then wait patiently for the ramen. I ordered the regular Ramen while Gan decided to try their Tsukemen. The ramen here was quite delicious, although they could really use some air conditioners in the restaurant, given that everyone was sweating like crazy! I have no idea how the other customers who were wearing shirts and pants (and some even in suits) were able to eat under such condition!

Taishoken Ramen with Extra Menma
Men in suits eating hot steamy Ramen in a hot steamy store


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