Paris, December 2006


Paris is such an amazing city. Aside from world's famous museums, historical landmarks and the best shopping place, Paris has some of the best restaurants in the world. We visited Paris in December 2006 and we truly enjoyed our time there. A lot of people think that Parisiens are snobbish, but we didn't feel that way about them at all! In fact, I thought in general they were really nice people!

Since there are endless number of good restaurants in the city, we planned our sightseeing itinerary around the places we were going to eat. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Dinner were all paired with visits to the museums, Sacre Coer, Notre Dame etc..... :) Some of our favorite restaurants in Paris are Laduree @ Champs-Elysee, Taillevent, L'epi Dupin and L'as Du Falafel.

Les Souffle

Address: 36 rue du Mont - Thabor

+33 1 42 60 2719

The souffles entree served in the restaurant was not bad, but the Grand Marnier Souffle dessert was really nice. The restaurant's menu only comes in French and Japanese. So if you don't read French or Japanese, you might have a hard time ordering. Gan: Still cracks me up.. here we are, 2 Malaysians from New York City, having French cuisine in a restaurant in Paris, but we had to order in Japanese. Well, Sarah did.. I would've been totally lost in translation in Paris without Sarah.


51 rue Montorgueil

Phone: 01 42 33 3820

We wanted to try this patisserie in Les Halles since we heard that the original owner used to be the baker for King of France . It is also one of the oldest patiseries in Paris. Since we arrived in Les Halles in the morning, we weren't sure what to order, so I bought a huge Macaron and a Quiche. Quiche was cold, I think I was supposed to heat it up before eating, but since we ate it in the park near by, it didn't taste that good. But the Macaron was pretty nice though, gave me the sugar rush I needed for the rest of the day. Gan: What's with Sarah's obsession with Macarons?

Extra Large Macaron from Stohrer. My breakfast....:)

L'as Du Falafel

32 rue des Rosiers

One Falafel one Kebab :) Gan: Could eat one of these for lunch everyday!

The Tomato and Pepper salad with pita bread here was absolutely amazing!


Cheese Anyone?? Cheese Fondue - somewhere at St Germain-des-Pres (our fourth meal of the day, technically it was a late night supper after our regular dinner, yao kui!)

I hate snails. My mom used to kill snails at our garden with salt....As a result, it took me a while to appreciate Escargot. My first taste of Escargot was here in Paris. I have to admit, it was not too bad. They cooked them in garlic and butter sauce, topped with some mint.

One of the Greek Restaurants at St Germaine cooking up some nice looking kebabs

Candies display at Fauchon, an upscale gourmet supermarket in Paris. Here you can find Foie Gras as gifts for your foie gras lover friends.

Fish market at Les Halles. We missed the flower market which started early in the morning because Gan was too lazy to wake up :P


Empty sidewalk cafes-- too cold to be sitting outside. It rained quite a bit too when we were there in December. Gan: Disco cafe

Other Paris restaurants:
L'epi Dupin


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