Inakaya West

Address: 4-10-11 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-5775-1012

Inakaya West is a Robatayaki restaurant (Japanese country style restaurant), and it is one of the more interesting restaurants we've been to in Tokyo. Fresh ingredients are displayed in front of you and you just need to tell the cook what you want and they will cook it right in front for you. Seems like this is a popular place among celebrities-the Onisan told us that Jackie Chan is one of the regulars there. I have to say though, the food here is not cheap. Expect to pay quite a bit for the unique dining experience and fresh ingredients.

Update: We went to the Inakaya when we were in Tokyo a few years ago and I just read that Inakaya will be opening its first restaurant in the United States at the New York Times building, with the same U Shape counter set up as the restaurants in Tokyo. This is not the first robatayaki restaurant in the city, as Aburiya Kinnosuke has been serving some of the robata style dishes. But the tradition of yelling orders across the dining room would definitely be an interesting experience for the New York diners.

That's our Red Snapper and Mackerel! Gan: Sarah has a thing with sending sea creatures to their horrible death
This Onisan told Gan that he would need a bigger lens to capture all of him in the picture! lol
Gan: No, he said "Onisan, does that come in panaromic shot? You need a widescreen to see all of me". Funny.


Fenographer said...

"Gan: Sarah has a thing with sending sea creatures to their horrible death" - This comment is TOO FUNNY!!

A new robatayaki restaurant? Let's go!

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