Fette Sau


: 354 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY


Phone: 718-963-3404

The good thing about NYC is that we do not really have our own “NYC style Barbecue" so we are pretty acceptance of other style barbecue coming to our town (imagine Kansas City BBQ going into Texas, claiming theirs is better). No wonder the city has been flooded with so many different styles of barbecue restaurants: Dinosaur bar-b-que from Syracuse, Texas style Hill Country, Kansas City style R.U.B, Asian style at Bar Q…you name it. I am a big meat eater and I have yet to try all the barbecue places in the city. But I really like Fette Sau (fat pig in German) in Williamsburg, which according to the proprietors, do not follow any styles of barbecue. What’s also special about this place is, instead of hiring a barbecue master from somewhere, the proprietors of Fette Sau hired Matt Lang from Pearl Oyster Bar as their head chef, which I thought was interesting. Nevertheless, Fette Sau definitely know what they are doing. Their own panela and espresso based spice rub and Southern Pride gas and wood fired smoker are creating wonderful briskets, pork belly, sausages and ribs that make everyone go back for more. There’s also something about eating meat served on butcher paper and a tray, with sauce on the side, at an industrial/garage looking space (the restaurant used to be an auto-repair shop) which makes it so much more enjoyable. Just like when you are have having barbecue at a friend’s backyard.

The restaurant is usually crowded, especially during dinner time. They usually run out of meat before the restaurant closes at 2am (weekdays)/4am(weekends)

Baked beans, Mario & Sons pork sausage, Berkshire Boston Butt, Berkshire Spare Ribs, Pork Belly Bacon (DELICIOUS!). Not in this picture but also must try: German Potato Salad, Guss' Sauerkraut.

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