Xin Jiang BBQ Cart


Address: Btw Kissena Blvd & 41 Ave in Flushing (near the Flushing Public Library)

If you love satay or meat on skewers, I guarantee you that the BBQ lamb skewers at Xin Jiang BBQ cart in Flushing will make you a happy person. There are a few of these carts on Main Street, but we were told that the one near the Flushing Library is good. Xin Jiang by the way is one of the five autonomous regions of China, and because of its unique location (bordering Russia, Mongolia, Agfhanistan, Kazakhstan etc) the culture and food is distinctly different from the rest of China. But I think Xinjiang BBQ is more Mongolian than anything.

Gan and I, as well as many Malaysians, grew up eating amazing satays in Malaysia. So we have high expectations of what good satays should be. The Xinjiang lamb skewers were truly delicious - juicy and smokey, and as our friend Wee Ming puts it, "tasted just like the famous satay babi (pork satay) from Malacca" (Malacca is my hometown in Malaysia). Be sure to try the lamb satay though, we have had the beef and chicken, but thought the lamb satay was the best. $1 for a skewer full of flavorful and juicy meat on a cold winter night, can't beat that!

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