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163 First Avenue, New York

Phone: No Phone (

Our friend, Ezzeri, managed to get us a reservation in November for four people at the very popular but impossible to get a table restaurant - Momofuku Ko. In case you haven't heard, this is a 16 seats restaurant with only online reservations that opens at 10am every day. Scoring a reservation online for Momofuku Ko is challenging, unless you are lucky or you are very fast and precise. I counted, it was a less than 3 seconds window to complete the reservation; if you took longer time than that, the spot will be gone. And you'll have to log back in the next morning to try getting the reservation.

As for the food, we thought it was not bad, but we weren't too impressed. Of course, there were a few dishes such as the Shaved Foie Gras with Lychee and Fried Pork Rind that we really liked, but the rest of the dishes were simply uninspiring. We had the wine pairing as well, perhaps because we chose the cheaper wine pairing option, the wine didn't taste as good? Momofuku Ko also banned food photography, and our waitress suggested that I try drawing pictures of the food on a piece of a paper instead.

We think David Chang is an exciting chef and smart businessman; what he is trying to do for Asian fusion cuisine is admirable. Nevertheless, the ridiculous rules and restrictions he placed on Momofuku Ko were unnecessary. Momofuku Ko is ok, but definitely no One Star Michelin.

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