El Xampanyet


Carrer Montcada , 22, Barcelona

Phone: 9 33 19 70 03

I remember this tapas bar from one of the Andrew Zimmerman's Bizzare Food Spain episode and really wanted to try their sparkling white wine (xampanyet) and cold tapas ever since. So we went there for lunch today before heading to Museu Picasso de Barcelona, which is just across the street.

The restaurant has been around since the 1920s, so the interior is pretty old-fashion, which I love. To order, you can either let the waiter know what you want, or just go to the bar counter and point at the tapas you'd like to have. We had the canned seafood (mussels, clams, oysters, etc), salmon, cat fish, roasted tomatoes, as well as the house special Cantabrian Anchovies. And one of the reasons why we chose to go to El Xampanyet was for its house special xampanyet, and the sparkling white wine definitely did not disappoint.

Seems like this is a tapas bar liked by both locals and tourists, and I can see why -- Nice/lively ambience, good service, good food, and good xampanyet. Lunch there was also much cheaper than our breakfast at El Quim, thus more satisfying. Be sure to bring enough cash when dining at El Xampanyet and other mom and pop restaurants/tapas bars since they don't usually accept credit cards and even if they do, it seems like Mastercard and Visa are the only accepted cards.


Florence said...
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Sarah and Gan said...

Thanks, we'll try to check out Miro's museum. Food is still the priority, as you'd expect from us.. but the city has been interesting so far. It's quite an old city, at least, nearby old town where we're staying (close to placa catalunya). Amazed that the WW2 and any other wars has not leveled the city. Some other EU cities we've been to has newer architectures and buildings, which we've been attributing the rebuilding efforts from the ww.

Gina said...

Beautiful photos! May I ask what camera you use?

Sarah and Gan said...

Hi Gina, i am using the canon rebel XT with sigma lens.

Laura said...

Hi! I'm heading to BCN soon and want to go here. How much were the tapas and cava? many thanks!

Sarah and Gan said...

Hi Laura,I think we spent about 25 Euros for the tapas and cava in El Xampanyet. btw, have you eaten at Inopia before? it's El Bulli dessert chef Alberto Adria's restaurant in the city, and they have amazing tapas! highly recommended. have a great time in barcelona!

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