Rose House


Address: 38-10 138th St, 1st Fl, Flushing, New York (Queens Crossing Mall)

Phone: 718-465-1670

Rose House was first opened by a Taiwanese artist, Robert Huang in London because of his love for English Tea culture. The tea house is so popular that it now has approximately 50 stores worldwide at big cities location such as Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul etc. In New York, Rose House can be found in Queens Crossing Mall - with its "over the top" interior/concept (think china with rose designs and waitresses in maid uniform), it's a reflection of Asian's love affair with manga like (Japanese comic) fantasy world. But it's a cute and relaxing place to sit and drink tea or enjoy high tea that comes with assortments of biscuits, cookies, sandwiches etc. Rose House also offer pretty rose tea gift sets and specially designed Aynsley China for sale.


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