Bar Churreria Layetana


Via Laietana, 46, Barcelona

Phone: 93 268 12 63

After eating tapas at El Quim and El Xampanyet, we could really use some desserts to clean our palate. First thing that came to mind was churos and hot chocolate. I wanted to try a churos and hot chocolate place around Barri Gotic but it was not on the way back to our hotel. So we decided to find another place, and so happened we ran into Bar Churreria Layetana at Laietana street. It was a small store, nothing fancy, which was what attracted us to it in the first place. We got in and the friendly waitress took our order - hot chocolate, cafe americano and churos with sugar. The hot chocolate at Layetana turned out to be my favorite hot chocolate. It was not too sweet and has a little malt flavor to it, something like thicker version of Milo. And the churos was so fresh and delicious, crunchy, chewy and not too oily. They also serve "yaotiu" or chinese fried dough like thing which we didn't get to try. We told the waitress we really love the churos and hot chocolate and she said we must go back again. Even if she didn't ask, I am definitely going back there again next time, perhaps for breakfast.


Nila Rosa said...

Yum. I love fresh churros.

sari tjio said...

I love this place. I used to live in its neighborhood in the Barri Ghotic. This is the place where i usually get my breakfast churros! SO nice to see it again in pictures.

Orenji8 said...

I have always wanted to try churros too, since my Spanish classes. I am drooling at your trip posts. :9

Sarah and Gan said...

Nila Rosa - definitely recommend Layetana if you are in Barcelona. we just went there for breakfast again today. the churros there is really good.

sari tjio - it must have been nice for you to get good churros for breakfast from this place while you lived in Barcelona! It was more crowded this morning when we went there, compared to the other day.

Orenji8(Sam!) - 2 thumbs up for the churros here. a must try. this churreria is a family run business and looks like most of its patrons are locals.

Dazy said...

Delicious looking and should be delicious tasting too.
These are pure delight and I too tried making these just after my exams got over.

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