Chef Nick's Ramen Party @ Lynn & Nelson's


Last weekend, Chef Nick came down to NYC to cook for us his famous ramen dish. It was certainly a treat as the ramen broth that was made from pork bones and pork trotters has been prepared ahead of time (for a week, to be exact) and transported to NYC with Nick via the bus.

Gan and I were in charge of bringing the chef to Mitsuwa supermarket to gather ingredients such as fresh ramen and pork belly. I also decided to contribute by cooking my Malaysian style soy sauce pork belly and Marmite chicken wings. Nelson, the host showed off his cocktail making skills during the evening and made very awesome Mojitos!

It was a fun ramen party, with delicious food (especially the ramen, of course) and great company. So a big thank you to Nick, Oi Yen, Nelson and Lynn for organizing it!

Chef Nick mixing his secret ingredients into the soup

Chef Nick! lol....

Chef Nick's creation - Ramen with spicy miso

soy sauce pork belly

Marmite chicken wings

Healthier option - salad

Jern and Chris - my ramen models

Nelson, the wonderful bartender for the night


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