36 West 52nd Street, New York

Phone: 212-582-6900

Gan is definitely more familiar with Greek food than I am. I have only eaten at Greek restaurants once or twice, so I am not knowledgeable about Greek food, which makes it difficult to review the food at Anthos. But then again, according to Gan, the menu at Anthos aren't exactly Greek; just that the dishes incorporate some form of Greek ingredients such feta cheese, olives, grape leaf etc. One thing for sure, the food at Anthos was tasty and the portions were generous, considering it's the restaurant week menu.

I really liked the dishes that Gan chose - mussels and calamari with couscous and milk fed chicken. I thought those two dishes were very unique and flavorful, and surprisingly refreshing. I didn’t enjoy the arctic char dish that much, thought it was quite boring actually and I didn't like the feta cheese on the fish. Overall, Gan and I had a great time dining at Anthos, although I felt that the restaurant was slightly overhyped.

complimentary appetizers

Raw meze - fluke, apricot, hazelnut & yogurt

grilled diver scallops with tzatziki, caviar and dandelion greens

mussels and calamari with couscous, cherry & pistachio

grilled arctic char with beets, feta and olives

milk fed chicken with avgolemono, cypriot salad, terrine

sorbet with strawberries

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