Red Egg


202 Centre Street, New York


There is a new Chinese restaurant in town call Red Egg, and the food is awesome! Red Egg brands itself as a Chinese/Peruvian restaurant, so you can also find Peruvian dishes such as Chicharron De Pollo and Ceviche there. But I am definitely more interested in the Chinese food.

The dim sums were one of the best dim sums I have had in the city; they were more refined and tasty, you can tell after a bite that alot of care went into making each dim sum dish. I recommend the steamed shrimp rice roll, fun gaw, stuffed tofu, steamed spareribs and fried pork dumpling. The steamed fun gaw was very similar to the ones my grandma used to make. So good.

Gan and I enjoyed the food there so much that we went back again for dinner tonight and we liked it even more now. We ordered the "secret" sauce rib eye steak, which the waitress told us candidly that the chef would not disclose the type of sauce used when asked, mushroom & tofu and a bunch of dim sums as appetizers. Can't ask for a better Chinese dinner then this. Service is really nice too.

Steamed Shrimp Rice Roll

Steamed Fun Gaw

Fried Pork Dumplings

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Tom said...

Thanks for the wonderful tip! My wife now insists I take her there next week, and I can't wait. How are the prices? (Great pics as always, too!)

Sarah & Gan said...

Thanks Tom! Price wise, the dim sum dishes start at around $2.75 each and depending on what type of dim sum you order, the premium ones can cost up to $6 each. But I didn't feel that it was much more expensive then the regular chinatown dim sum place. Check out their menu at

Tom said...

The link is much appreciated. Thanks again :)

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