Halal Cart

Address: Across the street from Au Bon Pain

Compared to NYC, there are not many dining options in Jersey City. It does not make any sense since Jersey City has so many corporate offices and the people working here (like myself) have to eat lunch too, right? So if you are thinking of your next restaurant venture, please consider opening up one in Jersey City?

There are only a number of places which Gan and I like to get our lunch from. One of them is this Halal lunch cart that sells superb chicken over rice. I have heard from friends working around midtown that there is also this very famous Halal cart. I have yet to try it so I have can’t do any comparison between the two. But the cart in jersey city is also extremely popular; there is always a long line during lunch time, and the chicken over rice dish is most popular and is usually sold out by 1.30pm.

I have no idea what kind of spices they use to marinate the chicken and I doubt they will want to share the recipes with me, but I think the yellow rice and the hot sauce + white sauce make the dish so delicious. I usually cannot finish a whole plate of food (during lunch), but anytime I get this for lunch, I completely devour everything in the takeout box. It is high in calories, but it is awesome, and cheap, $6 :)

I was negotiating with the guy to let me take pictures of his cart and he told me it's ok as long as I feature him in my blog since he's single. lol

My lunch box - chicken over rice with salad and white and hot sauce

* pictures taken using iphone


Florence said...

Thank you, Sarah! I'm tempted~~

Sarah & Gan said...

hello Lian, go early, they are sold out early. :)

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