2nd Ave Deli


162 E. 33rd Street, New York


Phone: 212-689-9000

No other food screams New York more than the delis and its pastrami sandwiches. We used to eat at 2nd Ave Deli quite often when it was still at its 2nd Avenue location downtown. Recently, we started going to the deli's new location in midtown, which ironically is not on 2nd Ave anymore and we are loving the food there even more, especially the salad, matzoh ball soup and hot pastrami sandwich.

Nothing beats a bowl of handsomely delicious, hearty matzoh ball soup. To me, 2nd Avenue Deli makes the BEST matzoh ball soup in the whole city. I can have this soup everyday! Aside from that, the hot pastrami at 2nd Avenue Deli is also our latest addiction. Take one bite of the sandwich and you will know why -- the slice to order pastrami is just so juicy and flavorful!

Gan can't seemed to get enough of the deli's complimentary salad. We have to have two servings of the salad each time we are there because Gan loves it so much.

Half A Sandwich and Soup - we both picked Matzoh ball soup and hot pastrami.

We love adding this special deli mustard to our pastrami sandwich. The high quality fresh mustard makes the already amazing hot pastrami even more perfect!

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Tom said...

You BOTH had pastrami? C'mon, next time one of you should order something different from the other - like corned beef - so you can share. It's not like they're not big enough! L'chaim! :)

Sarah and Gan said...

but we LOVE the pastrami at 2nd Ave Deli! lol...

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