Restaurant Week Part 3 - Telepan


72 West 69 Street, New York, NY

Phone: 212-580-4300

Telepan must have been the hottest restaurant at Upper West Side when it opened four years ago. But with more exciting/high caliber restaurants such as Dovetail, Salumeria Rosi, Shake Shack entering the UWS food scene recently, I can only imagine it's been tougher for Telepan to compete. And downtown diners don't normally make a trip uptown for Telepan.

There really aren't a lot of exciting things to write about the restaurant; the food is good but not memorable, the decor is outdated and service was only so-so (in fact, the maĆ®tre d’ was very cranky!). Perhaps it's time for a makeover?

SUNNYSIDE EGG with fried green tomato, clothbound cheddar & baby onion

WILD KING SALMON with early summer green gazpacho

BUCATINI WITH CHERRY TOMATOES with amatriciana-style, house-cured pork, red onion & garlic -- this dish was actually pretty good. I like the fried reg onions on the pasta, it has a somewhat Asian taste to it.

LOBSTER BOLOGNESE with spaghetti, light herbs & shallot-garlic-tomato broth

WILD STRIPED BASS with wax beans, crushed new potatoes & lobster mariniere

HANGER STEAK with spinach, garlic potatoes & oxtail bone-marrow glaze


ASSORTED PLATE of Selected Artisanal American Cheeses (4 cheeses)

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