Good Food in Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor, Michigan. The small campus town where University of Michigan is located, where the Big House is, where the Michigan Wolverine plays. Does anybody really travel to Ann Arbor for food? I highly doubt it. But that doesn't mean there're no outstanding restaurants in the city. Broadway Cafe's cheese steak hoagie and fried mushrooms, and Krazy Jim's blimpy burger are absolutely amazing, even by New York standard. And haven't you heard of Zingerman's bakery, deli, roadhouse? It's so famous it even has its own mail order catalog.

Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger

Address: 551 S Division St, Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-663-4590

Our first stop in Ann Arbor for food - Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger (not related to Blimpie). This is the place you have to go when you visit Ann Arbor. Their burger patties are thin and juicy, and you can add any toppings to your burger. Mine has a fried egg, fried onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom and cheese in it. Om Nom Nom!

deep fried vegetables

blimpy burger!

Zingerman's Roadhouse

Address: 2501 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-663-3663

For dinner, it was Zingerman's Roadhouse. This is the more grown up (and more expensive) restaurant of the Zingerman's "empire" here in Ann Arbor. Serving delicious regional American food such as fried green tomatoes, macaroni an cheese, BBQ meat etc with a focus on fresh, seasonal and locally produced ingredients. We were actually surprised by the quality of the food served here; tomatoes are from the owner's own farm (Cornman Farms), mozzarella made fresh in house and even the gulf shrimps were FEDEX'ed to Michigan the same day and were never frozen. We've also heard a lot about Zingerman's deli, but didn't get a chance to drop by. Our waitress did give us a pecan blondie and a magic brownie to try. Oh yea, it was delicious!

Fresh Kusshi and Wellfleet oysters


Fried Green Tomatoes

fresh Gulf shrimp flown in the same day, never frozen

BBQ sampler

Broadway Cafe

Address: 1139 Broadway St, Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-769-3524

Morning of the Game Day, we headed to Broadway Cafe for its legendary cheese steak hoagie. The owner, Mr. Chang has been serving cheese steak hoagies and delicious Korean dishes at the same location for almost 20 years. It's a strange combination, having cheese steak hoagies and korean dishes under the same roof, but that doesn't bother us at all. Food is freaking good here, especially the cheese steak hoagie and fried mushrooms, and that's all that matters.

cheese steak hoagie

fried mushrooms

sul lung tang

Miki Japanese Restaurant

Address: 106 S 1st St, Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-665-8226

I was introduced to my first shabu-shabu in Miki about ten years ago, and that was when my love affair for shabu shabu started. There are quite a number of decent Japanese restaurants which serve shabu shabu in New York City (and I can make this at home), so I didn't miss Miki that much. But Gan and I definitely feel sentimental about this restaurant.

assorted tempura



Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys really know how to eat. Next time you are in Ann Arbor, please invite me out to treat please...I'll spring for blimpy burger.(smiles)


Sarah and Gan said...

lol. yea we had a great time eating and watching football game in Ann Arbor :) I don't think you want to eat with me -- I eat really fast and I was told that it's stressful for slow eater to dine with me (especially if we do family style meal)! but i guess burger is fine... =)

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