Trattoria Sostanza

Address: Via della Porcellana, 25, Florence, Italy 

Phone: 055 212691
If you are planning a trip to Florence, Trattoria Sostanza is definitely a restaurant you must not miss. This tiny 147 year old trattoria serves some of the best dishes we've tried in Italy during our trip there in September. Sostanza's Tortellini in brodo, trippa alla Fiorentina and petti di pollo al burro (chicken in butter!) were absolutely fantastic, especially petti di pollo al burro. I have never eaten a chicken dish as good as the petti di pollo al burro there, it was like crack. Needless to say, we had multiple servings of it throughout the night.  The restaurant also makes one of the best bistecca alla Fiorentina in town, but we didn't get to try it since we've already ordered so many dishes. Don't bother spending extra money on wine, go with the restaurant's house wine instead and you will be pleasantly surprised by how good a cheap house wine can be. (EUR 3.50 for 1/4 bottle!)
Trattoria Sostanza is definitely a place you'd need to make reservation ahead of time as it's always packed. Also, expect to share tables with others since there are only long communal tables available. But I doubt anyone who goes there has any issues with that; if anything, I felt that sharing tables with strangers actually contributed to a more relax and convivial atmosphere.

Outstanding traditional cooking, lively atmosphere and amazingly wonderful wait staff made Trattoria Sostanza my top five favorite places to eat in Italy.
trippa alla Fiorentina - tripe in tomato sauce and cheese.
Zuppa Alla Paesana - a flavorful and hearty soup dish with bread
Tortellini in brodo - wonderfully prepared homemade tortellini in light broth.
petti di pollo al burro - Chicken in butter, one of the best dishes I have tasted in Italy!


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