Red hook ball field food vendors


Address: Red Hook Ball Fields (corner of Clinton Street and Bay Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn)

Phone: no phone

I have wanted to check out Red Hook ball fields food vendors ever since my friends Dahlia and Han Chun went there last year. I have waited one year for them to reopen, which was why I cleared my Saturday schedule on May 1 to do just that. Some of these vendors have been there since 1974, started out as street vendors selling Latino food during summer weekends to spectators watching semi pro soccer games played at the field. It's been a well kept secret for some time due to its location, and only to become popular recently, possibly after appearing in an Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservation"episodes. I am sure a lot of non-Brooklynites (like myself) found our way to the very unfamiliar territory of Red Hook Brooklyn just to get a taste of real authentic Latino food since we became aware of its existence.

NYC Health department and city park department had to tried to close down the vendors in 2007, but with support from people like Senator Chuck Schumer and Top chef judge Tom Colicchio etc, the vendors won a six year contract with City Park Department and will continue to operate until 2013. So, three more years left in the contract, you have got to go check it out at least once, just in case they don't return after 2013.

Soler Red Hook Food Vendor

Tamale and Pupusas from Soler Red Hook Food Vendor

Grilled corn with cheese

Grilled steak from El Olomega Food Vendor



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