Lai Wah Heen

Address: Metropolitan Hotel, 108 Chestnut Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Phone: (416) 977-9899

New York has one of the biggest Chinatown, however we don't really have outstanding dim sum places like those you can find in Hong Kong or Canada. Which was why I had to check out Lai Wah Heen when I visited Toronto last week.  There are actually quite a number of good dim sum restaurants to choose from but I picked Lai Wah Heen because it's high end dim sum and Toronto's own rated it as one of the best dim sum restaurants, and I can see why!

 deep-fried roll of mixed vegetable and exotic mushrooms
 steamed bbq pork bun - char xiu bao

My friend and I ordered some "Lai Wah Heen Famous dim sum" such as steamed bbq pork bun (char xiu bao), crystal shrimp dumpling (har kao), sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, and "Chef Terrance Chan's innovative dim sum" such as deep fried roll of mixed vegetable and exotic mushrooms and steamed lobster dumpling. Char xiu bao was definitely good, but the crystal shrimp dumpling and sticky rice in lotus leaf were just amazing! The chef's specialty dim sum, deep fried vegetable rolls were memorable as well, so crispy and flavorful. Steamed lobster dumpling in a lobster shape was just too adorable (and delicious too!)

Sticky rice filled with assorted seafood and meat, wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf
Steamed lobster dumpling stuffed with shrimp and finely diced vegetable flavored with butter and garlic

Dim sum experience at Lai Wah Heen was definitely a memorable one, wished I can go back to Toronto more often to try the other dim sum places. It's really that good. Now, can someone please open a really good dim sum place in NYC, please??

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