Cantina Do Mori

Address: San Polo 429, Venice (Near Realto)

Phone: 041-522-5401
I am sure if we had more time in Venice, we would have been able to do a bacari crawl and taste different styles of cicheti at both traditional and modern bacaro in Venice, and wash those glorious food down with ombra (wine) - Venice food tour a la cicheti e ombra style. Instead we only had time to check out Cantina Do Mori at San Polo near the Realto this trip. But I hope this is just an introduction to the Venetian bacari world, to be continued in our next trip here.

Cantina do Mori looks like it's been around for a long time; its narrow and dim interior is decorated with pots and pans hanging down from the ceiling,  wooden table with stools, cicheti displayed on glass shelves and wine served in glass from wooden barrels. We told the waiter/bartender to put together a mix platter of their best cicheti for the four of us and 2 glasses of vino bianco and vino Rossi to go with the food. He gave us croquettes, tomato with bread crumbs, salume, cheese and some finger sandwiches, some of the cicheti were pretty similar to the pintxos we had in San Sebastian. Now, the quality of the food at this bacari is not as exciting when compared to the more traditional style of pintxos like Ganbara in San Sebastian, Spain. There's a lack of similar excitement that you would get pintxos hopping in San Sebastian as you seem to get with bacari hopping in Venice. Not sure whether it's the lack of diversity of choices, quality of what is served on the plate, non-specialty food like the mushrooms you get in Ganbara, or most likely, due to our lack of time to explore more while in Venice. The traditional cicheti at Cantina Do Mori is pretty decent but I think I would also like to try the more modern cicheti in Venice next time. I heard there's a whole world of sophisticated bacaro in Venice!
Cantina Do Mori's quaint interior
Wine Barrels at Cantina Do Mori
Our mixed platter with croquettes, tomatoes, sandwich, salume etc


Slurp said...

Hi Guys looks like we might have pass each other without knowing. I was in Venice as well in September. Really like the atmosphere that you captured inside Cantina Do Mori. This is something that me and my wife missed. To us fod in Venice was Zuppa Pesce and seafood! I'm already missing Italy :)

Sarah and Gan said...

Hello! where did you guys eat in Venice? I actually had the best zuppa pesce at Florence at Trattoria Cibreo! Missing Italy as well!

Slurp said...

I had zuppa pesce at Ristorante Malibran and Osteria al Garanghelo in Venice.

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